The new hat is a fabulous art piece and I love it! Atelier Gwendolyne was great to work with and her craftsmanship, attention to design and detail are amazing. People stop me to compliment and admire my beautiful hat. I can’t thank you enough for the joy your art brings me plus, warm head and ears!

I was so happy to find her again! This was my second masterpiece!

Stephanie Allen / Etsy
woman wearing flower fascinator in her hair

We just loved the flower creations! They really helped make graduation special for my daughters! Thank you so much

Heather Gardner / Etsy

As someone with curly, pooffy hair, I normally hate wearing hats because they crush my hair, but in cold weather I always wear my Gwendolyne hat, and don’t get “hat head.”

Gwendolyne custom made my hat with unique fabrics I chose, and to fit my head, so it is truly one of a kind. She is easy to work with, and very sensitive to one’s needs and tastes. Everywhere I go, I get compliments on my hat. I LOVE my Gwendolyne hat!

Valerie MacIntosh
face of woman

Thank you so much for sharing your atelier and talents to take me through the Elements course – it was a learning experience not limited to just the core content which was awesome but also to day to day stuff for how to approach anything – with great companionship, collaboration, creativity and courage as the course took me well beyond my understanding of and comfort with my creative boundaries on a bunch of levels-all beginning with the my very first design for Water!!!! And, very importantly, to also create the space and connections things need to unfold which is a fun, fun process!!! I really look forward to the next journey!”

Louise / Etsy
woman wearing cotton toque

I love this hat so much. I wear it with Everything! I get many compliments!

Marlena / Etsy
image of a small woman's stripped ivory red green linen zipper card wallet on its one side

I am so exited to receive these purses! I love your creations.

Jolyn / Etsy

I have had the privilege of  owning several Gwendolyne Hats over the years. The workmanship, materials, artistry and experience that is evident in all the items that they produce is outstanding. In this day and age of mass production I think we are fortunate to find places such as Gwendolyne Hats which continue to make items of quality and integrity made to last life times. The price tag is small when you take into consideration that you are purchasing an item that is meant to outlast your lifetime instead of ending up in next seasons garbage can.

Ann Tutt / Yelp
Women wearing a Tibetan design Winter Hat

Gwendolyne’s hats are something else. They are not only keeping us warm but they are each piece of art.  The are like a dream. Each of them has a different story to tell, each of them is like a poem.

I wear my new one and I also still enjoy the one I got twenty years ago at the Cabbagetown Art Show. And till today I am pleased when I put it on. It did not loose its beauty.

When I see on the street somebody with Gwendolyne’s hat on, we usually smile at each other as we know that we are members of a very special society.

Jirina Marton / client

This is the second purse I’ve purchased from this seller and the quality is just as high as before. I like the simplicity of style and the tasteful fabrics. There is just enough room for basic essentials, including some cash and your cell phone (I can also fit in kleenex and a comb and credit cards.) It’s great for when you don’t want to drag a bigger purse around. Fast ship. Recommended seller. Thanks!

Tamara / Etsy